Seascape Partnership

The partnership between BLOCKLORDS and the Seascape Network is a strategic collaboration leveraging Seascapeโ€™s Web3 technology to enhance various aspects of the BLOCKLORDS gaming experience. This partnership focuses on three key areas:

  1. Seascape Auth System:

    • User Authentication and Wallet Connection: The Seascape Auth Center is employed as the foundational system for user authentication and wallet connections in BLOCKLORDS.

    • Easy Tracking Across Multiple Platforms: This system allows for effortless tracking across multiple games, blockchains, and wallets.

    • Consolidated User Experience: By consolidating a userโ€™s experience into a more manageable user ID, the Seascape Auth System simplifies the process for both players and developers, making it more efficient to manage in-game activities and assets.

  2. Portal for Asset Transfer:

    • Seamless Transfer of Assets: The portal feature enables the smooth transfer of assets between different games and across various blockchain protocols.

    • Interoperability Enhancement: This function greatly enhances the interoperability of BLOCKLORDS, allowing players to move assets freely and efficiently, thus enriching the gaming experience.

  3. Sealinks:

    • Deployment of Private Chains: Sealinks technology facilitates the easy deployment of private chains for games within the Seascape ecosystem.

    • BLOCKLORDS as the First Implementer: BLOCKLORDS will be the pioneer in deploying a Sealink, setting a precedent for other games in the ecosystem and demonstrating the gameโ€™s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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