Market Mechanics

BLOCKLORDS' market mechanics introduce players to a dynamic and strategic resource trading system:

  • Resource-Gold Exchange: The marketplace allows you to exchange resources for gold and vice versa. This flexibility enables you to adapt to changing circumstances and optimize your resource management.

  • Price Dynamics: Prices within the marketplace are subject to fluctuation based on the volume of transactions and the demand for resources. This dynamic pricing mechanism adds an element of realism and challenge to your trading endeavors.

  • Local and Cross-Region Trading: You have the option to engage in trades locally within your chosen region or opt for cross-region trading. While local trades offer convenience, cross-region trades may yield better returns, albeit with longer transaction times.

  • Resource Price List: To aid your trading decisions, a comprehensive resource price list is available. This list provides visibility into the prices of all resources, helping you identify optimal trade opportunities.

  • Impact of Order and Prosperity: The state of order and prosperity within your region can influence various market variables. This includes the quality of trades, costs associated with cross-region trading, and the frequency of trade opportunities. Managing order and prosperity becomes crucial in shaping your trading experiences.

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