Unique Heroes

In BLOCKLORDS, the concept of Unique Heroes introduces an exclusive and influential role within the game's structure, particularly concerning regional governance and city management. Here's an overview of how Unique Heroes function in the game:

  • Limited Creation: A total of 200 Unique Heroes will be created, set to be available before the launch of the Dynasty System. This limitation underscores their rarity and value within the game.

Availability of Unique Heroes

  • Requirement for Region Claim: To claim a region on the world map, players must have a Unique Hero and spend 1,000 Gold.

  • Process of Claiming: Upon meeting these requirements, players can select an available region from the world map. This region then becomes their designated area to govern and develop.

Claiming a Region

  • Exclusive Management Rights: Only the region's Ruler, designated by possessing a Unique Hero, has the authority to manage the city.

  • Lord Access and Responsibilities: Players with the Lord role can access city management features. This includes a variety of tasks like building, upgrading structures, setting taxation policies, organizing defenses, and more, enriching the gameplay with diverse administrative aspects. Meet more Unique Heroes Here!

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