🧧Token Generation Event

BLOCKLORDS GAMEDROP: Rewarding Commitment with the $LRDS

At BLOCKLORDS, we're dedicated to recognizing the commitment of our players, community members, and asset holders. To celebrate contributions from our early players $LRDS will be released to users to mark the beginning of the BLOCKLORDS gaming economy and ensure our devoted users are integral to its growth.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the $LRDS GameDrop, players must meet at least one of the various participation criteria set for the event. These have been designed to appreciate and reward our most dedicated players, ecosystem contributors, and asset holders. The amount of $LRDS you receive will be based on your account holdings and progress in the game.

The event is designed to reward the commitment of our players and is categorized into two main areas: Asset Bonuses and Game Bonuses.

Asset Bonuses

  • Registered BLOCKLORDS Account: Your account must be officially registered in the BLOCKLORDS universe.

  • Connected Wallet: Ensure your digital wallet is connected to your BLOCKLORDS account.

  • Active Playtime: Regular engagement and playtime in the game are key.

  • Ownership of Heroes: Possessing at least 5 Heroes is required. The quality of your Heroes may influence the bonus you receive.

Game Bonuses

  • Foreman House Level: The level of your Foreman House can contribute to your bonuses.

  • Sectors Unlocked: The number of sectors you've unlocked plays a role.

  • Battlepass: Participation in the Battlepass program adds to your potential bonuses.

Note: Assets currently on sale are not included in the GameDrop.

Preparing for the Game Drop

The exact timing of the GameDrop Snapshot is yet to be determined, but it could happen at any time from now until the GameDrop. It's essential to ramp up your gameplay to ensure you meet the participation criteria.

Each of these elements contributes to your total token allocation, linking your gameplay and community involvement to tangible rewards. The more you invest in playing BLOCKLORDS and owning $LRDS tokens, the greater your rewards, increasing your power and unlocking new opportunities within the game whilst allowing you to cultivate your influence in BLOCKLORDS.

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