Command Synergy & Healing Heroes

Hero + Squad Synergy

  1. Synergy Mechanics:

    • When a hero of a certain type is added to a matching squad type, the command associated with that squad will be modified.

    • Example: Adding a Hunter Hero to a Hunter Squad will cause the Hunt command icon to become shiny and improve the effectiveness of the command.

  2. Multiple Hero Influence:

    • Different types of heroes can influence the same squad but will affect different commands.

      • Example: A Female Hunter hero modifies the Hunt command, while a Male Hunter hero modifies the Debone command.

  3. Visual and Auditory Enhancements:

    • Icons and Tips: Enhanced command icons and tooltips provide additional information when synergy is achieved.

Heal Commands

Healing is a crucial aspect of maintaining the effectiveness of squads in the game. The new healing commands provide a structured approach to managing health recovery.

Squad Heal Command

  1. Functionality:

  • The Heal command is used to recover HP for the entire squad.

  • This command is only available if the squad has an assigned hero.

  1. Resource Usage:

  • The command uses Bread and Meat to heal squad members.

  1. Interface:

  • A new command icon and confirmation popup will be displayed.

Hero Heal Command

  1. Functionality:

  • Heroes can be fully healed using Hero Healing.

  • This is triggered via an icon on the main hero panel.

  1. Resource Usage:

  • The command uses Milk and Grain to heal the hero.

  1. Health Status Indicators:

  • The current and maximum HP of heroes are displayed on the hero panel.

  • Health status affects combat performance and is indicated by color-coded health bars:

    • Healthy (61%-100% HP): Green bar, no penalties.

    • Injured (31%-60% HP): Yellow bar, 20% reduction in all battle stats except HP.

    • Crippled (1%-30% HP): Red bar, 50% reduction in all battle stats except HP.

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