In BLOCKLORDS, each squad is equipped with specific stats that determine their effectiveness, whether on the farm or in battle. These stats play a crucial role in how productive and efficient your squads are in their respective tasks.

Farming Stats Include:

  1. Size: This indicates the number of units within the squad. A larger squad size can mean more hands on deck for farming tasks.

  2. Stamina: Stamina determines how many times a squad can perform a given command before needing rest or replenishment.

  3. HP (Health Points): This is the health of the squad. It's reduced by enemy attacks, and if it reaches zero, the unit will perish.

  4. Speed: This stat shows how quickly a squad moves, affecting how efficiently they can carry out tasks.

  5. Critical Chance: This represents the likelihood of the squad achieving extra resources when performing a command.

  6. Critical Rate: This determines the multiplier effect of a critical success, enhancing the benefits when it occurs.

  7. Luck: This influences the chance of receiving more rewards from events triggered by the squad.

Battle Stats:

  • The details for battle stats are forthcoming, promising to offer insights into how squads can be optimized for combat scenarios.

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