In BLOCKLORDS, "The House" plays a vital role far beyond just providing shelter. It's a key structure within your village that significantly impacts your gameplay in several ways:

  1. Worker Recharge Center:

    • After a day of hard work, your workers need a place to recharge. The House serves as this essential rest and rejuvenation spot, ensuring your workers are ready for the challenges of the next day.

  2. Crucial for Squad Stamina:

    • It is instrumental in the rejuvenation of squad stamina. The recovery and readiness of your squads for upcoming tasks or battles are closely tied to the facilities and comfort provided by The House.

  3. Cornerstone of the Village:

    • Each House is more than a mere building; it's a cornerstone of your village, central to maintaining the health and efficiency of your workforce and military units.

  4. Aid in Recovery and Recruitment:

    • The Houses not only aid in the recovery of your squads but also play a crucial role in extending your capacity to recruit more squads. This dual functionality makes them indispensable in scaling your village’s capabilities.

  5. Investment for Growth and Vitality:

    • Investing in Houses is a strategic decision that yields two-fold benefits. It bolsters the vitality of your troops and expands your command capacity.

    • As you invest more in developing these houses, you enhance your ability to maintain a larger and more robust workforce and military presence in the game.

  6. Strategic Asset in Gameplay:

    • The strategic importance of Houses in the game cannot be overstated. They are essential not just for the basic needs of shelter but for the strategic growth and sustainability of your village's population and military strength.

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