In BLOCKLORDS, the City Hall serves as a crucial center of governance for Rulers, providing them with significant control over the economic dynamics of their domain through the management of tax rates.

Tax Rate Management in City Hall

  • Strategic Control for Rulers: Rulers in BLOCKLORDS have the ability to adjust tax rates within their domain, directly influencing the economic balance of their realm.

  • Player Status Consideration: The adjustment of tax rates can be fine-tuned based on the statuses of players within the rulerโ€™s domain, allowing for a tailored approach to taxation.

Complexity and Strategy

  • Beyond Simple Adjustments: Managing tax rates in City Hall is not just a straightforward action; it involves strategic decision-making that becomes more complex with higher City Hall levels.

  • Preview and Resource Requirements: Before implementing any tax rate changes, Rulers are provided with a preview that outlines the required resources (usually gold) for the change and its projected impact on the Order within their realm.

Implications of Tax Adjustments

  • Economic Impact: Adjusting tax rates can have significant economic implications for both the ruler and the players within the domain.

  • Order Dynamics: Changes in tax rates also affect the Order, a measure of stability and safety in the region, making it a critical factor to consider in decision-making.

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