BLOCKLORDS is on a mission to become a leading medieval IP in the new player-driven era of entertainment, with a unique approach to developing its universe and lore.

Community-Driven Lore Development

  • Collaborative Creation: The game's lore is not just the product of its developers but is actively shaped and enriched by the community, the game's biggest contributors. This inclusive approach allows players to have a real impact on the evolving narrative and world-building of BLOCKLORDS.

  • Foundational Work by Developers: While the developer team has set the stage with cinematic trailers, detailed hero backgrounds, and the initial world setting, much of the BLOCKLORDS universe remains open for development. This foundational work provides a starting point, but the future direction is largely in the hands of the players.

Growing Universe with Player Stories

  • Dynamic Evolution: As more players join and populate the BLOCKLORDS universe, their actions, decisions, and interactions will further develop and bring these stories to life. This evolving narrative approach ensures that the game remains fresh, engaging, and reflective of its player base.

Lore Inspiration and Ground Rules

  • Medieval Inspiration: The world of BLOCKLORDS draws inspiration from medieval history, artifacts, and legends, creating a rich and immersive setting. However, it's distinctly set apart from our real world and timeline, offering a unique twist on historical themes.

  • Magic and Beliefs: While the BLOCKLORDS universe is devoid of magic that fundamentally alters the laws of nature, it does include cultural beliefs in magic, adding depth and authenticity to the game's medieval-inspired world.

Provenance: Player-Controlled Lore

  • Empowering Players: The concept of 'Provenance' in BLOCKLORDS signifies that the lore is essentially in the hands of the players. This approach empowers them to influence and shape the game's history, culture, and legends, making their mark on the BLOCKLORDS universe.

BLOCKLORDS aims to revolutionize the role of players in shaping a game's universe, offering an interactive, community-driven experience that blurs the line between game development and player participation. This approach not only enhances the depth and richness of the game's world but also ensures that players remain deeply engaged and invested in the ongoing narrative of BLOCKLORDS.

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