1. Central Role: Heroes are the cornerstone of the gaming experience in BLOCKLORDS. They are pivotal to various aspects of the game, from combat to strategic expansion.

  2. Enhancing Squads: Heroes significantly boost the strength and capabilities of your squads, influencing the outcome of battles.

  3. Leadership in Battles: Their role in leading battles is crucial, dictating tactics and strategies in combat scenarios.

  4. Territorial Control: Heroes assist in claiming and managing regions, an essential aspect for the growth and sustenance of your dynasty.

  5. Development and Enhancement: Expanding and upgrading your heroโ€™s abilities is a key gameplay element, adding depth to the game.

  6. Marketplace Integration: Heroes can be traded and transferred on-chain, using networks like Immutable X and Polygon, through the BLOCKLORDS Marketplace. This feature adds an economic and interactive dimension to the game.


  1. Acquisition of Heroes: Banners are a unique element used for obtaining heroes, essential for building a strong presence in the game.

  2. Crafting Books: Banners can be used in the library to craft books, providing another layer of gameplay and strategy.

  3. Exchanging for Unique Heroes: Players have the option to exchange banners for Unique Heroes, offering diversity and uniqueness in gameplay.

  4. Workshop Crafting: They can also be crafted at the workshop, showcasing their multifunctional role within the game.

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