Raiding is a dynamic aspect of gameplay, reflecting the historical significance of raids in medieval warfare. Hereโ€™s an overview of how raiding works in the game:

Raiding Mechanics

  • Regional Restrictions: Raids are designed to occur outside of a player's own region, adding an element of cross-regional strategy and conflict.

  • Setting Up for Raids: Players need to establish a Raider Army on the world map to initiate raiding activities.

Cross-Region Trade and Raid Targets

  • Trade as a Raid Trigger: Engaging in cross-region trade makes players vulnerable to raids for the duration of the trade.

  • Raider Battles: These confrontations are swift and can result in raiders capturing some or all of the resources or gold being traded.

  • Protection for Traders: Traders have the option to reinforce their caravans with battle squads, offering resistance and potentially damaging the raider army.

Farm Raids

  • Targeting Conditions: Farms in other regions can be raided, especially if they are in bad standing with the playerโ€™s ruler or lack a ruler.

  • Raid Objectives and Duration: Once initiated, a raider army has a limited time to plunder and gather as many resources as possible.

  • Defensive Mechanisms: Rulers and players can take actions to bolster farm defenses, including enhancing fortifications and deploying defensive troops.

Raiding in BLOCKLORDS introduces a layer of strategic decision-making and risk-reward balance. Players must carefully plan their raids, considering the potential gains against the defenses they might encounter.

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