đŸ”ĸHero Attributes

  1. Age: Age influences your hero's statistics, birth circumstances, and the likelihood of mortality. It may also serve as a prerequisite for specific adventures.

  2. Physical Prowess: This attribute reflects your hero's physical abilities and prowess.

  3. Intellect: Intellect measures your hero's intelligence and cognitive abilities.

  4. Leadership: Leadership assesses your hero's capacity to lead a squad or oversee commands.

  5. Charisma: Charisma gauges your hero's charm and persuasive skills.

  6. Potential: Potential represents the element of luck and divine blessings bestowed upon your hero.

Attributes Calculation: Hero attributes like SPEED, HIT, CRIT, HP, ATK, DEF, and DODGE are calculated using specific formulas that incorporate base stats, modifiers from traits, and health penalties.

Combat Dynamics: The combat system involves multiple checks and balances to determine the outcome of an attack, including hit success, damage calculation, critical hits, and damage mitigation through dodge, block, and parry.

Modifiers and Traits: Traits significantly influence these attributes and combat outcomes, providing strategic depth and variability to hero capabilities.

The hero combat system revolves around a set of attributes that determine a hero's effectiveness in duels and missions. These attributes, combined with specific formulas, dictate the hero's capabilities in various combat scenarios. This document outlines the key attributes, their calculation methods, and the combat calculation rules.

Hero Combat Attributes


    • Determines the hero's ability to move during battle.

  1. HIT

  • Determines the hero's ability to successfully strike an opponent.

  1. CRIT

  • Determines the hero's ability to inflict critical hits.

  1. HP (Health Points)

  • Indicates the hero's health.

  1. ATK (Attack Power)

  • Indicates the hero's attacking ability.

  1. DEF (Defense)

  • Indicates the hero's defensive ability.

  1. DODGE

  • Determines the hero's ability to avoid incoming attacks.

  1. BLOCK

  • Reduces a small portion of damage received if successful.

  1. PARRY

  • Reduces a bigger amount of damage received if successful.

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