📊Token Distribution

In-Game Utility and Long-Term Value: The $LRDS token in BLOCKLORDS is designed to offer true in-game utility within its ecosystem. Here's an overview of its utility, supply, and distribution:

  • Utility: The $LRDS token is not just a digital asset; it plays a significant role in the game, providing tangible in-game benefits and functionalities.

  • Value Accrual: The tokenomics of $LRDS are structured to reward active contributors and participants in the network, encouraging long-term engagement and investment in the ecosystem.

  • Vesting Cycles and Release Plan: To ensure stability and sustainability, $LRDS tokens have long vesting cycles and are subject to a 10-year release plan. This approach aligns with the goal of rewarding consistent and long-term contributors to the network.

Supply of $LRDS:

  • Maximum Total Supply: The maximum total supply of $LRDS tokens will be capped at 100,000,000.

More information regarding the supply allocations and vesting schedule of the $LRDS token will be announced closer to launch.

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