In BLOCKLORDS, the aspect of research, conducted by heroes, plays a pivotal role in advancing and diversifying your military capabilities. This feature introduces a strategic layer to squad management and development.

Research for Squad Technologies

  • Hero-Led Advancements: Heroes in BLOCKLORDS are not just leaders in combat but also key figures in researching new technologies for squads. Their expertise and knowledge can unlock new potential in your forces.

  • Impact on Squad Types: Through research, heroes can discover new types of squads or enhance existing ones, offering players a broader range of tactical options. This might involve unlocking specialized units or improving the capabilities of current squads.

  • Leveling Up Squads: Research also plays a crucial role in leveling up squads. By investing in research, players can enhance the strength, efficiency, and special abilities of their squads, making them more formidable in various combat scenarios.

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