Farm Map

The farm map in BLOCKLORDS is a fundamental component of the game, acting as the primary area for construction, resource gathering, and strategic expansion. Here's a detailed overview of its features and functionalities:

Central Hub: The Farm Map

Foundation of Resource Management:

  • The farm map is the heart of your BLOCKLORDS experience, serving as the central hub for building farm structures and gathering most of the essential resources.

Map Composition and Resource Areas

Building Slots and Natural Resources:

  • Building Slots: The map is thoughtfully designed with specific slots for constructing various farm buildings.

  • Forest and Stone Deposit: It includes renewable resource areas like a Forest for wood and a Stone Deposit. These resources can be depleted through usage but will naturally regenerate over time, ensuring a continuous and sustainable supply.

Sectors and Expansion

Map Division and Sector Advantages:

  • The farm map is divided into sectors, with each sector offering unique advantages. These include additional building slots and specific areas for resource gathering.

Expanding Territory:

  • Expanding your farm's territory involves unlocking new sectors, crucial for the growth and diversification of your resources.

  • Unlocking Requirements: To access a new sector, you need to meet specific requirements, such as achieving a designated level for the Foreman House in the preceding sector.

  • Resource Use for Expansion: Once the prerequisite level is achieved, you can use resources to unlock the new sector. This expansion broadens your farm's scope and potential.

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