Duel Combat Strategy

Overview of Combat Strategies

Combat strategies in BLOCKLORDS allow players to adapt their approach to duels dynamically. These strategies can enhance certain attributes of your hero or debilitate your opponent, crucial for turning the tide of battle. Below, youโ€™ll find detailed explanations of each strategy along with their specific attribute modifications.

Table of Combat Strategies



Psychological Warfare

Disrupts enemy focus, enhancing evasion and defense.

Waiting Game

Analyzes the battlefield to maximize critical and hit opportunities.

All-out Defense

Maximizes survivability at the expense of offensive power.

Gale Force Assault

Employs rapid, overwhelming multi-directional attacks.

Armor Piercing Strike

Focuses on penetrating enemy defenses.

Taunting Challenge

Provokes the enemy, causing them to make impulsive, inaccurate attacks.

Forced Retreat

Forces the enemy to retreat, reducing their combat effectiveness.

Calculated Coolness

Maintains composure to reduce enemy critical hits.

Conservative Defense

Uses a defensive stance to exploit enemy mistakes for counterattacks.

Sniper Attack

Prioritizes accuracy and critical hits at the expense of mobility.

Swift Evasion

Focuses on evasion to avoid attacks and find counter opportunities.

Impenetrable Defense

Bolsters defenses to reduce damage, ideal for prolonged combat.

Precision Strike

Delivers lethal strikes by sacrificing defense for enhanced attack and critical hit capability.

Fierce Assault

Launches a high-speed, powerful assault to quickly end the battle.

Defensive Counter

Strengthens defense while preparing to counterattack effectively.

Agile Dodge

Uses agility to dodge attacks and counter swiftly.

Precise Defense

Focuses on precise defensive actions to increase success in blocking and parrying.

Calm Response

Increases hit and critical hit rates through composed responses.

Aggressive Onslaught

Adopts an aggressive stance, significantly increasing attack power to overwhelm the enemy.

Hold the Line

Holds ground to increase defense and blocking, effectively reducing damage taken.

Feigned Retreat

Pretends to retreat to lure enemies into a counterattack.

Tactical Shift

Adjusts tactics dynamically to enhance adaptability to combat changes.

Death Grip

Demonstrates control in close combat, increasing parrying and blocking success rates.

Rapid Strike

Increases attack speed, overwhelming defenses with multiple quick strikes.

Parry Lead

Enhances block rate through clever parrying while reducing enemy blocking effectiveness.

Precision Strike

Targets enemy weak points to lower their defense while slightly sacrificing own defense.

Evasion Inducement

Increases evasion rate through quick movements, reducing the enemy's hit rate.

Psychological Pressure

Applies mental pressure to weaken enemy attacks.

Slow Pressure

Uses slow, sustained attacks to fatigue the enemy, reducing their speed and defense.

Tactical Response

Maintains flexibility in battle, reducing the enemy's critical hit rate through tactical maneuvers.

Selecting the right strategy involves assessing both your Heroโ€™s strengths and the opponentโ€™s weaknesses. For example:

  • Gale Force Assault is best used with heroes who have high base speed and attack attributes.

  • All-out Defense is ideal for heroes who need to withstand a lot of damage, useful in prolonged duels.

  • Psychological Warfare is effective for heroes geared towards evasion and defensive duels, disrupting opponents who rely heavily on high attack stats.

Tactical Considerations

  • Hero Stats: Always consider your Hero's base attributes and current gear when choosing a strategy.

  • Opponentโ€™s Strategy: Try to predict or react to your opponentโ€™s strategy to counter their moves effectively.

  • Duel Context: The importance of the duel, whether itโ€™s a regular match or a critical season decider, may influence your strategic choice.

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