Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars add a grand scale of conflict and strategy, enabling Kings to engage in battles over neighboring regions or kingdoms. Hereโ€™s an overview of how Kingdom Wars function in the game:

Declaration of War

  • Targets and Reasons: Kings have the ability to declare war on neighboring regions or kingdoms. The motivations for war can be either for acquiring resources or for territorial expansion.

  • Ruler and King Dynamics: During these conflicts, while the ruler of the region remains unchanged, the kingship can shift depending on the war's outcome.

Military Organization and Strategy

  • Control of Armies: Kings possess the capability to control several armies, significantly influencing the course of the war.

  • Ruler Participation: Rulers of the regions are also able to form and dispatch armies, adding another layer to the war dynamics.

Raiding During War

  • Continuous Raid Opportunities: Regions that are engaged in war with each other have the constant option to raid their opponents, providing ongoing chances for resource acquisition and weakening the enemy.

Civil War Limitation

  • Restriction During Kingdom Wars: A key rule in BLOCKLORDS is that Civil Wars cannot occur within a region if that region's kingdom is currently engaged in a Kingdom War. This policy ensures that conflicts are streamlined and manageable within the game's world.

Kingdom Wars in BLOCKLORDS represent a crucial aspect of the gameโ€™s strategic and political landscape. They offer players the chance to engage in large-scale conflicts, balancing military might, strategic planning, and diplomatic considerations. These wars significantly impact the gameโ€™s regional dynamics, influencing resource control, territorial claims, and the balance of power among the kingdoms.

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