Archer Squads

In BLOCKLORDS, archer squads are integral to the game's ranged combat dynamics, offering a mix of tactical flexibility and firepower. The Shortbow and Longbow units each bring distinct qualities and strategies to the battlefield.

Shortbow: are the agile sharpshooters of BLOCKLORDS. They're characterized by their speed and rapid firing ability, making them perfect for quick maneuvers and surprise attacks. Their light armor grants them exceptional mobility, allowing them to swiftly change positions and flank enemies. Ideal for harassment and support roles, Shortbow troopers can continuously pepper the enemy with arrows, disrupting their formations. However, their light armor also means they're less effective in direct combat, making them vulnerable to heavy attacks.

Longbow: on the other hand, are the marksmen of the battlefield, wielding powerful longbows capable of inflicting significant damage from a distance. These troopers require more skill and strength to operate but are able to strike with lethal force, especially effective against key enemy units. Their longer range makes them ideal for holding positions and providing cover fire from the back lines. While they have more substantial armor compared to Shortbow troopers, their focus remains on ranged attacks, and they're not as agile in close combat scenarios.

Together, the Shortbow and Longbow units in BLOCKLORDS form a versatile ranged force, capable of adapting to various combat situations. Whether providing rapid fire support or delivering powerful long-range shots, these archer squads are crucial for achieving tactical superiority from a distance.

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