Influence Shop

The Influence Shop stands as a central hub within the BLOCKLORDS universe, crafted to allow players to utilize the Influence they've accumulated through gameplay. By exchanging Influence for various game bonuses and assets, players can significantly enhance their strategic capabilities and overall gaming experience. Let’s explore the diverse offerings of the Influence Shop.

Categories of the Influence Shop

The shop is meticulously organized into four primary categories, each tailored to fulfill the diverse needs and preferences of players:

  • Icon: Look for the Thumbs-up icon.

  • What It Offers: This category showcases the best deals and most popular resources available, featuring a curated selection of items that represent the most valuable or sought-after assets at any given time.

2. Heroes

The Heroes category introduces players to the formidable Lumberjack heroes, among the first heroes available in the shop:

  • Basic Lumberjack: A titan of the forest, wielding a hefty axe. This hero excels in both combat and harvesting, embodying the might and resilience of the wilderness.

  • Legacy Lumberjack: These masters of the forest fell towering trees and recount tales of forest spirits and hidden glens, blending hard work with the mystique of the deep woods.

3. Resources

Resources are the backbone of progress in BLOCKLORDS. The Resources section offers a variety of packs to enhance your farm's productivity and development:

  • Starter Pack: Ideal for early-stage farm development, providing a mix of resources and a hero to kickstart your journey.

  • Prosperity Pack: Aims at further developing your farm with an enhanced selection of resources and heroes.

  • Basic Wood Pack: Focused on wood resources, essential for building and crafting.

  • Basic Stone Pack: A crucial pack for construction and fortification, rich in stone resources.

  • Basic Food Pack: Ensures your heroes are well-fed and ready for action, rich in food resources.

4. Auction

  • Coming Soon: Unique Hero Auctions. This exciting addition will feature auctions for unique heroes, offering a competitive avenue for players to acquire rare and powerful heroes for their adventures in BLOCKLORDS.

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