🎮Game Mechanics

Dive into the core gameplay elements that define your strategic journey through BLOCKLORDS. This section of the wiki is dedicated to giving you a clear understanding of how to manage resources, build your farm, become a ruler, understand squads and heroes, command your forces, and interact within the marketplace. Equip yourself with this crucial knowledge to gain the upper hand in the realm of BLOCKLORDS and begin carving out your legacy.

  • Farming: learn about farm buildings, building stats, and events!

  • Squads are recruitable units that carry out specialized tasks on your farm!

  • World Map: explore and conquer with this guide to the game's central hub!

  • Heroes are your ticket to destiny, learn about how to utilise them!

  • Ruling: some heroes will rise to power, here's how!

  • Dynasties: your legacy must live on, grow your dynasty and a rich family history!

  • Fighting: grab your pitchforks, it's time to duel!

  • Seasons: compete for XP and unlock in-game resources!

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