Orb, Drop, Fuse and Burning rules

Orb Burning Rules:

  • After Phase 1 ends, Dynasty Chests can no longer be purchased, Mythic Orbs can no longer be fused, and the game moves to Phase 2โ€”the Orb Burning phase.

  • After Phase 1, the circulating quantity of each type of Orb in the market is fixed.

  • Players can burn Orbs to receive rewards from the $LRDS reward pool according to the Orb's quality.

  • In Phase 2, Orbs can still be traded in the marketplace, and players can choose to hold onto them instead of burning them for rewards.

Orbs Fuse Rules:

Fuse Cost:

  • Every Fuse will cost 10,000 Renown.

Fuse Period:

  • From v1.1 update complete to 2024/08/06 UTC 00:00.

Upgrading Lower Quality Orbs to Higher Quality:

  • Players can fuse 5 lower quality Orbs into 1 higher quality Orb, up to the Legendary quality Orb.

  • 5 Common Orbs can be fused to form 1 Special Orb.

  • 5 Special Orbs can be fused to form 1 Rare Orb.

  • 5 Rare Orbs can be fused to form 1 Epic Orb.

  • 5 Epic Orbs can be fused to form 1 Legendary Orb.

Conditions for fusing a Mythic Orb include:

  • The total supply of Mythic Orbs is not yet fully issued.

  • The player must possess one each of the Common, Special, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Orbs.

  • The event is still within Phase 1.

  • The player completes the fuse transaction.

  • The fuse transaction involves burning one of each of the five different types of Orbs and minting a single Mythic Orb.

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