๐Ÿ‘‘Enter the Era of Dynasty

Hey BLOCKLORDS Community!

Prepare yourself, noble player, for an unparalleled adventure into the heart of medieval strategy with the latest expansion, BLOCKLORDS Dynasty. This feature is set to revolutionize your gameplay, offering a richer, deeper, and more immersive experience that extends far beyond your PC. It's a journey not just about survival, but about building a legacy that will echo through the ages.

Letโ€™s learn more!


BLOCKLORDS Dynasty is a web-based experience where youโ€™ll take on the role of a House leader in charge of a Dynasty that expands and grows based on your decisions. You start by creating a Banner, an everlasting symbol of your House, choosing a shape, symbol, and color. Your House is a beating heart that thrives under your leadership and if you manage it well, you might attract allies or, hopefully, repel foes.


Your Heroes are the blood that fuels your House and keeps it beating, theyโ€™re pivotal if you are to stand victorious in the battle of power. A steadfast Hero is key in Marriage, producing Heirs, and undertaking Duels and Missions. All new players are granted a free Hero - The Jester - who will be essential as you begin forming your Dynasty. All Heroes have intricate strengths and abilities that add nuances and strategy to the gameplay and you can either purchase a new one or import them from BLOCKLORDS.


Duels and Missions are where you can earn resources and Renown, which is a must if you are to level up your House and research new Traditions. But Duels and Missions are risky endeavors, fraught with peril, and failure might even lead to the demise of your Heroes!


As Heroes inevitably fall, you can send them to BLOCKLORDS and place them in the Mausoleum where they will generate Renown each day, determined by their type and quality. Use that Renown earned to enhance your House or purchase Dynasty Chests that are packed to the brim with valuable rewards, in that way, your Fallen Heroes are still vital as you fight for your House.


The level of your House stands as a testament to your Dynastyโ€™s growth and influence. Each level unlocks additional capabilities, providing even more strategic options for you to choose from. Renown is the key to unlocking each level, and you acquire Renown as you engage in treacherous Duels and Missions. Each House Level upgrade will heighten your daily Duels and Missions capacity and provide access to special features like the Royal event.


Each House comes with Traditions and BLOCKLORDS Dynasty is no exception! Traditions boost your Heroesโ€™ abilities in Duels and Mission, and can significantly influence your gameplay success. House Traditions are unlocked at specific House Levels and will impact gameplay and aid in turning your Heroes into legendary figures with epic tales told about their feats.


In the future you will be able to marry your Heroes. Marriage isnโ€™t just about love; itโ€™s about forging alliances, fusing families, and consolidating power; all becoming a mighty strategic tool. As you marry off your Heroes, you secure succession and strengthen your position as ruler. Begetting Heirs ensures that your legacy will live on forever, as well as providing continuity and growth for your Dynasty. Without Heirs, your bloodline will soon become but a memory.


Gamedrop 3 is a pivotal event designed to enhance your engagement and integrate the gaming community into the economic fabric of the game through the distribution of $LRDS. This event revolves around collecting and merging unique items called Orbs, which come in six different qualities and are central to unlocking rewards within the gameโ€™s economy and are burnt for $LRDS.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and your adventure in BLOCKLORDS Dynasty is just beginning. Prepare yourself to command, strategize, and conquer. Ensure your House stands firm, a beacon of eternal rule and unyielding strength.

Your destiny awaits in BLOCKLORDS Dynasty. Embrace the challenge, forge your Dynasty, and let your name be remembered for generations to come.





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