Trading Algorithm

The trading algorithm in BLOCKLORDS governs the dynamics of the marketplace, offering a dynamic and responsive trading environment:

  1. Marketplace Dynamics: It's important to note that the marketplace is subject to change and balancing, as the game evolves. Players should be aware of potential adjustments and updates.

  2. Item Availability: The items available in the market undergo a refresh every hour. This periodic refresh ensures a dynamic inventory for trading.

  3. Price Variation: Prices of items in the market are subject to random research every hour, following predefined price ranges. This introduces variability into the pricing of resources.

  4. Real-Time Price Updates: Prices are updated every 10 minutes based on the dynamic buy and sell activity of players within the game. This real-time adjustment mechanism reflects market supply and demand.

  5. Volume Impact: Trading volumes play a significant role in price determination. If there are numerous buy orders, it increases the buying price, while high sales volumes decrease the selling price. Conversely, low buy volumes can lower the buying price, and low sell volumes can increase the selling price.

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