City Hall

Picture the City Hall as your personal war room for all things governance. Itโ€™s a comprehensive dashboard allowing you to adjust tax policies, launch building projects, and even make important Rulerโ€™s announcements to your residents and allies.

  • Main Administrative Center: As the main building, the City Hall is where key decisions affecting the entire region are made.

  • Tax Management: One of its primary functions is to adjust the region's tax rates, allowing you to balance economic growth with the satisfaction of your populace.

  • Regional Metrics: At the City Hall, you can check vital statistics such as Prosperity, Order, and Population, which are essential indicators of your region's health and stability.

  • Tax Policies: It also enables you to enact specific tax policies, giving you strategic control over the economic dynamics of your region.

  • Naming Rights [TBD]: The City Hall offers the unique privilege of naming the region, adding a personalized touch to your dominion.

  • Resource Allocation: Utilize resources from the Coffers to enhance the Prosperity and Order of the region, ensuring its growth and well-being.

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