The Mausoleum

Show your respect for your Fallen Heroes by placing them in the Mausoleum. Each Fallen Hero generates a certain amount of Renown daily, determined by their type and quality.

Renown Generation

  • Daily Renown Yield: Each Fallen Hero staked in the Mausoleum contributes to your daily Renown yield. The amount of Renown generated is based on the Hero's type and quality.

  • House Level Limitations: While you can have an unlimited number of Fallen Heroes, only a certain number can contribute to your Renown daily. This limitation is determined by the level of your House.

  • Refresh Time: The Renown generated by your Fallen Heroes is calculated and refreshed daily at 12:00 UTC.

Key Points

  • Respect and Honor: The Mausoleum serves as a place to honor your Fallen Heroes, turning their sacrifice into a meaningful contribution to your progress.

  • Strategic Staking: Carefully select which Fallen Heroes to stake based on their potential Renown contribution, considering the daily limit imposed by your House level.

  • Daily Calculation: Ensure you maximize your Renown yield by managing your Fallen Heroes and monitoring the daily refresh at 12:00 UTC.

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