Banner Quality

Banners in BLOCKLORDS are categorized into three distinct qualities, each with its specific uses and significance in the game. Here's a breakdown of the different types of banners and their applications:

  1. Basic Banners:

    • Use: Primarily utilized for the basic farmer claim.

    • Function: These banners are the most accessible and are used in the initial stages of gameplay, particularly for acquiring basic farmer characters.

  2. Silver Banners:

    • Uses:

      • Legacy Farmer Claim: Silver Banners play a crucial role in claiming Legacy Farmers, a more advanced type of character in the game.

      • Unique Hero Combinations: They are also used in combinations to create Unique Heroes, adding depth and variety to the playerโ€™s arsenal.

    • Function: Silver Banners represent a step up in quality and utility, offering players the ability to access more advanced gameplay features and characters.

  3. Gold Banners:

    • Use: Essential for minting Unique Heroes.

    • Function: Gold Banners are the highest quality banners in the game. Their requirement for minting Unique Heroes signifies their value and rarity. Players need to strategically acquire and utilize these banners to unlock some of the most potent and influential characters in BLOCKLORDS.

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