Authority and Responsibility in BLOCKLORDS

The role of a Ruler is not just a position of considerable authority but also one that carries significant responsibilities.

Key Dynamics of Ruling:

  • Asymmetrical Relationship with Farmers: Rulers and farmers in BLOCKLORDS have a unique, interdependent relationship. Rulers rely on farmers for resources, while farmers depend on rulers for security and infrastructure.

  • Dependency and Cooperation: This symbiotic relationship emphasizes the need for cooperation and strategic planning between different player roles within the game.

Exclusive City Management:

  • Entrusted Authority: The management of cities is an exclusive responsibility of the region's designated Ruler.

  • Access to Management Features: Players in the Ruler role gain access to a suite of city management features.

    • Construction and Upgrades: They oversee the construction of new buildings and the upgrading of existing structures, and unlocking the features within them.

    • Taxation System: Rulers are responsible for implementing and managing taxation systems within their regions.

    • Defensive Strategies: Ensuring the security of the city is a critical aspect, requiring rulers to plan and execute effective defense strategies.

    • Overall Development: Rulers must also manage various other valuable aspects of city management, contributing to the region's overall prosperity and stability.

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