Brewing $ALE

In BLOCKLORDS, players have the opportunity to engage in an intriguing economic activity: brewing $ALE in their city's brewery. This feature adds a unique and interactive aspect to the game's economy and resource management.

Brewery System Overview

  • Brewing $ALE: Players can produce $ALE, a significant in-game resource, within their city's brewery.

  • Requirement of Heroes: The process of converting grain into $ALE in the brewery requires players to assign heroes to oversee and manage the operation.

Anticipation for the Dynasty System

  • Upcoming Features: Further details about the brewery system and its intricacies will be released in conjunction with the launch of the dynasty system.

  • Expanding Gameplay: The integration of the brewery system with the upcoming dynasty system suggests a more complex and interconnected gameplay experience, where players can expect additional layers of strategy and management.

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