Items are integral to Dynasty and can significantly aid your Heroes in battle. You collect items by sending heroes on missions, and you can use them to enhance your Heroes' abilities in duels in the Arena.

Items come in five qualities:

  • Common

  • Special

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

The modifiers on items, such as Attack, Dodge, and Parry, increase with the item's quality. For example, a Common Axe will not have as much Attack, Dodge, and Parry as a Legendary Axe.





























Item Descriptions:

ItemItem Description

Common Axe

Standard issue for Militia; sturdy and reliable.

Special Axe

Weighted for extra impact in skilled hands.

Rare Axe

Sharpened to a fine edge, cuts deeply.

Epic Axe

Masterwork axe, exceptionally balanced and deadly.

Legendary Axe

Fabled weapon, known for historic battles.

Common Gloves

Simple protection for routine tasks.

Special Gloves

Enhanced grip for better weapon handling.

Rare Gloves

Thick leather, resistant to wear and tear.

Epic Gloves

Crafted for endurance and prolonged fights.

Legendary Gloves

Known for their use in legendary duels.

Common Shield

Basic defense tool, widely used by foot soldiers.

Special Shield

Reinforced for additional resilience.

Rare Shield

Crafted for shock absorption and durability.

Epic Shield

Designed for tactical superiority in defense.

Legendary Shield

Famous for turning the tide of key battles.

Common Armor

Standard protective gear for infantry.

Special Armor

Upgraded with reinforced armor joints

Rare Armor

Designed for mobility and protection.

Epic Armor

Optimized for both defense and comfort in long battles.

Legendary Armor

Worn by renowned leaders, storied in battle lore.

Common Spear

Basic model, reliable for trainees.

Special Spear

Longer reach, ideal for formation fighting.

Rare Spear

Balanced for precision and quick strikes.

Epic Spear

Engineered for optimal penetration and withdrawal.

Legendary Spear

Celebrated for its role in victorious campaigns.

Common Helmet

Basic protection gear, durable enough for training recruits.

Special Helmet

Enhanced with reinforced padding, suitable for extended skirmishes.

Rare Helmet

Lined with a shock-absorbent layer, designed for frontline combat.

Epic Helmet

Crafted with rare metals, offers superior protection and agility.

Legendary Helmet

Once worn by a renowned general, its crest is synonymous with victory.

Common Boots

Sturdy leather boots, reliable on rough terrain.

Special Boots

Fitted with steel toes, ideal for close-quarters combat.

Rare Boots

Embedded with lightweight chainmail, balancing mobility and defense.

Epic Boots

Tailored to silence footsteps, perfect for stealth operations

Legendary Boots

Known to have scaled mountains, these boots grant unmatched endurance.

Common Bow

Standard recurve bow, a favorite among hunting apprentices.

Special Bow

Enhanced with a flexible string for a quicker release.

Rare Bow

Fitted with a precision sight, improves accuracy at longer distances.

Epic Bow

Imbued with the essence of wind, arrows fly swift and true.

Legendary Bow

Rumored to have been crafted in the moonlight, never misses its mark.

Common Ring

Simple silver band, a modest aid in warding off weariness.

Special Ring

Inlaid with a garnet, enhances the bearer's focus.

Rare Ring

Engraved with ancient runes, fortifies the wearer's resolve.

Epic Ring

Contains a shard of crystal from the deep mines, pulsing with power.

Legendary Ring

Once belonging to a formidable titan, it's believed to offer protection against the darkest forces.

Common Belt

Crafted from tough hide, holds essential tools for a novice.

Special Belt

Features multiple pouches for potions and herbs, handy for healers.

Rare Belt

Strengthened with steel buckles, withstands great force.

Epic Belt

Woven with gold thread, significantly boosts the wearer's stamina.

Legendary Belt

Bound with ancient materials, bestows formidable strength and courage.

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