In BLOCKLORDS, the game dynamics are significantly enriched by the introduction of Nomad invasions and the ability for players to establish their own kingdoms, adding layers of strategy and political intrigue to the gameplay.

Nomad Invasions: A Constant Threat

  • Relentless Assaults on the Empire: Nomad invasions represent a continuous and escalating threat to the empire capital. These invasions involve numerous armies that grow stronger over time, relentlessly attacking until the empire is eventually dismantled.

  • Challenge for Emperors: Emperors can attempt to combat these invasions, but the increasing strength of the Nomad armies makes ultimate success increasingly difficult, adding a sense of urgency and challenge to their rule.

Establishing Kingdoms: Leadership and Strategy

  • Formation of New Kingdoms: Players meeting certain minimum requirements can establish their own kingdoms, stepping into the role of a King. This role involves setting policies, managing armies, and overseeing the kingdom's growth and defense.

  • Political and Social Interactions: As a King, players have the opportunity to engage in various political activities. They can form alliances, negotiate trade and immigration deals with other kingdoms, enhancing both the strategic and social aspects of the game.

Diplomatic Engagements and Warfare

  • Trade Agreements: Forming trade agreements with other kingdoms can bolster a kingdom's economy and resources, crucial for maintaining a strong and prosperous realm.

  • Alliances and Diplomacy: Alliances with other kingdoms open avenues for cooperative strategies and mutual support, whether in defense against common enemies or in achieving shared objectives.

  • Declaring War: Kings also have the power to declare war, adding a competitive and confrontational element to the game, where strategic planning and military prowess are key.

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