Gamedrop 3 revolves around the collection and merging of unique assets called Orbs, which are central to unlocking rewards within the gameโ€™s economy and are only available in Dynasty.

Stages of Gamedrop 3

Phase 1: Crafting and Collecting Orbs

  • Activities:

    • Players use renown to purchase Dynasty Chests.

    • These chests may drop various items including House Renown, Items, Banners, Heroes, and most importantly, Orbs.

    • Orbs are categorized into six qualities: Common, Special, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

    • Players aim to collect a complete set of Orbs to craft a Mythic Orb, limited to 100 total units.

Table of Orb Types and Rewards:

Orb Type

Total Issuance

Prize Pool ($LRDS)

Common Orb



Special Orb



Rare Orb



Epic Orb



Legendary Orb



Mythic Orb



  • Mythic Orb Crafting: Achieved by fusing one of each type of the other Orbs during Phase 1. These Orbs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Phase 2: Burning the Orbs

  • Transition: No more Orbs can be crafted or synthesized after Phase 1.

  • Activities:

    • Players burn their collected Orbs to partake in the $LRDS Prize Pool.

    • The amount of $LRDS rewarded correlates with the rarity and quality of the Orb burned.

    • Orb burning is limited daily by the player's House level.

Orb Burning Mechanics:

  • Orbs burned contribute directly to the playerโ€™s $LRDS allocation based on the quality and rarity of the Orb.

  • The total supply of each Orb type is fixed post-Phase 1, which determines the scarcity and value of each Orb in the prize pool distribution.

Additional Event Details:

Dynasty Chest Purchase and Orb Distribution:

  • Purchase Limits: Based on a player's House level, daily limits are set which reset at 0:00 UTC.

  • Rewards Collection: After opening a chest, players must confirm to collect their rewards. If the reward includes (Heroes, Banners, Orbs), a minting transaction is required, for which players cover the gas fees.

Market Dynamics and Trading:

  • Post-Phase 1, players can still trade Orbs on the marketplace. Deciding whether to burn the Orbs for immediate $LRDS rewards or hold onto them for potential value appreciation or trading becomes a strategic decision.

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