Refine Commands

'Refine Resource' commands are crucial for transforming basic resources into more advanced and useful materials. Each squad has specific refining tasks they can carry out:

  1. Refine Stone (Miner): This command allows miners to convert raw stone into stone bricks, a more durable and versatile building material.

  2. Refine Wood (Lumberjack): Lumberjacks use this command to process raw wood into wood planks, essential for construction and crafting.

  3. Debone (Hunter): Hunters use the deboning process to make food from meat, enhancing its usability.

  4. Grain to Food (Cook): Cooks can transform grain into food, a vital process for sustaining your farm's population.

  5. Bread to Food (Cook): This command allows cooks to use bread as a base to create different food items.

  6. Milk to Food (Cowherd): Cowherds process milk into various food products, diversifying the food resources available on your farm.

  7. Upgrade (Builder): Builders use a combination of stone, stone bricks, wood, wood planks, and tools to upgrade buildings, improving their functionality and efficiency.

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