The Bearslayer Season

Season Overview

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Each season in BLOCKLORDS offers a unique and evolving experience, rewarding players' skills and strategies.

  • Season EXP: Players earn Season Experience Points (EXP) by completing a variety of engaging and themed Season Missions.

  • Rewards and Leaderboards: Progressing through the season, players unlock rewards at specific EXP milestones and compete on dual-tiered leaderboards.

Season Passes

  1. Basic Pass: Available to all players, offering rewards and participation in the Basic Tier leaderboard.

  2. Bearslayer Pass: For $9.99, this premium pass enhances the experience with extra rewards, a 20% EXP boost, and access to the exclusive Bearslayer Tier leaderboard.

Season Missions

  • Diverse Challenges: Missions include Farm Invasion PVE battles, Farm Management tasks, Marketplace trading, and Event and Adventure participation.

Leaderboard Competition

  • Two Tiers: Basic Tier for all players and Bearslayer Tier for premium pass holders, both based on season EXP.

  • End-of-Season Rewards: Top leaderboard performers receive exclusive rewards

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