In BLOCKLORDS, the transition from a kingdom to an empire is a significant milestone, bringing with it new challenges and rewards. This change in status is not just a title shift but also triggers key game dynamics that impact all players in the realm.

Becoming an Empire: Control and Rewards

  • Criteria for Empire Status: When a king or queen succeeds in controlling more than 30 regions, which constitutes 60% of the game map, their kingdom ascends to the status of an empire.

  • Benefits for Emperors and Citizens: Achieving empire status yields substantial rewards for both the emperor and the citizens under their rule. This could include enhanced economic benefits, stronger military capabilities, and other advantages that come with a vast and powerful empire.

Impact on Kingdom Creation and Game Dynamics

  • Restriction on New Kingdoms: Once an empire is established in the game, other rulers are prohibited from creating new kingdoms. This rule adds a layer of strategy and urgency to the kingdom-building aspect of the game.

  • Triggering Nomad Invasions: The formation of an empire also initiates a countdown for a Nomad invasion, introducing a new challenge for the emperor. These invasions bring formidable armies that pose a constant and escalating threat to the empire's stability and survival. Ascending to an empire in BLOCKLORDS is a significant achievement that alters the game's landscape. It brings great rewards but also introduces new challenges, notably the Nomad invasions. This change adds a strategic depth to the game, as players must consider the implications of expanding their territory and the responsibilities that come with being an emperor. The restriction on creating new kingdoms once an empire exists further intensifies the competition and strategic planning among players.

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