๐Ÿ‘‘About MetaKing Studios

MetaKing Studios stands at the forefront of combining fun with the innovative possibilities of Web3 in gaming. As a team of avid gamers, creators, and designers, their core philosophy revolves around one key element: fun.

Mission and Vision:

  • Empowering Gamers: Their focus is on leveraging the unique capabilities of Web3 to provide gamers with full asset ownership, enhancing the gaming experience.

  • Global Team of Experts: Starting small, MetaKing Studios has grown to a team across 20 countries, known for their expertise in technology and game development.

Global Presence and Commitment

  • MetaKing Studios boasts a dedicated team of professionals based around the globe, reflecting a truly international collaboration.

  • Since 2018, this team has been deeply committed to developing BLOCKLORDS, driven by a vision to innovate in both the crypto and gaming spaces.

Motivation and Game Development Philosophy

  • The team's motivation stems from an observation in the free-to-play gaming world: the focus on a small group of paying users often overshadows the majority of players.

  • This insight led to a determination to create more balanced player economies, ensuring enjoyable and valuable experiences for both new and veteran gamers.

Personal Dedication and Diverse Backgrounds

  • The team, hailing from over 20 countries, shares a passion for strategy games and a belief in the transformative power of web3 technologies.

  • Their collective enthusiasm is channeled into BLOCKLORDS, aiming to provide a unique and engaging strategy game experience set in a medieval universe.

Experience and Industry Recognition

  • With over 10 years in game development and a presence in the web3 space since 2018, the team has a rich history of experience and innovation.

  • They have received multiple industry grants and built strong relationships with major players in the gaming industry and investment circles, such as Square Enix, Krafton, Funplus, Bitkraft, Makers Fund, Animoca Brands, and the Spartan Group.

Active Player Base and Game Development

  • BLOCKLORDS is already live, with thousands of players actively playing and contributing to the game's improvement.

  • The team's long-term involvement in BLOCKLORDS has fostered a sense of ownership and pride, driving continuous innovation and growth.

Investment in Team and Future Vision

  • MetaKing Studios prioritizes the professional growth of its team, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

  • This approach ensures sustained dedication to BLOCKLORDS and aligns with the studio's long-term vision for the game.

Meet the C-Suite:

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