Adventures provide players with a cinematic "Choose Your Own Adventure" game mode, allowing them to immerse themselves in captivating stories and make crucial decisions.

  • Hero Requirement: To embark on an adventure, a Hero is essential. However, specific conditions must be met for a Hero to be eligible, such as hero type, gender, and age.

  • Limited Availability: Adventures are available for a limited time, adding an element of urgency to the gameplay.

  • Cost to Start: Initiating an adventure requires an initial cost, making it a strategic decision for players.

  • Resource Management: Adventures introduce three vital resources: Hero HP, Coin, and Danger. These resources are exclusively used and valid during a single adventure attempt.

  • Decision-Making: Players encounter scenes and are presented withchoices to advance the story. Some choices may demand resources or unlock based on Hero attributes, adding complexity to decision-making.

  • Outcome Variability: Each choice leads to a different outcome, impacting the progression of the adventure. Most results either reduce Hero HP or increase Danger.

  • Game Over Conditions: If Hero HP reaches zero or Danger reaches 100, the adventure ends in defeat, and players must restart it.

  • Rewards: Successfully completing an adventure yields rewards, incentivizing players to navigate the narrative effectively.

  • Unique Paths and Conditions: Each adventure features distinct special paths or conditions. Fulfilling these criteria and completing the adventure unlocks additional and unique rewards.

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