In BLOCKLORDS, the fall of an empire marks a significant turning point in the game's narrative and structure, known as the end of an era. This pivotal moment resets the political landscape of the game, offering new opportunities and challenges for players.

The Fall of an Empire: End of an Era

  • Significant Transition: The collapse of an empire in BLOCKLORDS signifies the end of an era, a major event that reshapes the game world.

  • Impact of Nomad Warriors: The destruction of the empire and its constituent kingdoms is primarily attributed to the relentless assaults by the nomad warriors, illustrating the formidable challenge they pose to established powers.

Resetting the Game's Political Landscape

  • Return to Kingless State: Following the end of an era, the game's land reverts to a kingless state, composed of individual regions without centralized rule.

  • Opportunity for New Kingdoms: This reset opens the door for players to once again meet the criteria necessary to form new kingdoms. It's a chance for players to strategize afresh and vie for dominance in the newly reset world.

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