๐ŸŽ‘Claiming Region

In BLOCKLORDS, claiming a region is a significant strategic move that can greatly influence your gameplay and standing within the game.

Process of Region Claiming:

  • Requirement of a Unique Hero: To initiate a claim on a region, players must first possess a unique hero. This requirement ensures that only players who have reached a certain level of advancement in the game can claim regions.

  • Expenditure of Resources: Claiming a region requires an expenditure of 1,000 Gold. This cost signifies the importance and value of owning a region in BLOCKLORDS.

Selection and Claiming:

  • Choosing from the World Map: Once the prerequisites are met, players can select an available region from the world map.

  • Designation of Region: Upon selection and the necessary expenditure, the chosen region becomes the playerโ€™s designated region, granting them control and authority over that area.

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