Heroes play a multifaceted and crucial role during battles, significantly influencing the outcome and rewards of combat engagements. Their involvement varies depending on the type of battle, from Farm Assaults to Strongholds and other large-scale conflicts.

Roles of Heroes in Battles

  • Extra Powerful Units in Farm Assaults: During Farm Assaults, Heroes serve as exceptionally powerful units. Their presence on the battlefield can turn the tide of these skirmishes, providing a significant advantage.

  • Triggering Battle Skills in Larger Battles: In larger battles, such as those involving Strongholds, heroes have the capability to trigger special battle skills. These skills, which vary depending on the hero's type and abilities, can critically alter the course of a battle, offering strategic depth and unexpected turns.

Impact on Loot and Rewards

  • Loot Quality Dependent on Hero Quality: The quality of loot and rewards obtained from battles, particularly Farm Assaults, is influenced by the commanding hero. Squads led by higher-quality heroes tend to yield better loot, adding an element of strategy to hero deployment.

  • Hero-Commanded Squads and Rewards: Heroes commanding squads not only enhance the squad's combat effectiveness but also increase the chances of acquiring superior rewards during engagements.

Upcoming Developments and Systems

  • More detailed information about the specific battle skills heroes can trigger, especially in the context of the upcoming Stronghold system, will be announced as the feature is launched. This suggests an evolving gameplay experience, where heroes' roles and abilities will continue to expand and deepen.

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