How Do Seasons Work?

Each season in BLOCKLORDS offers a fresh, evolving gameplay experience, where players' skills and strategies are put to the test and rewarded.

Season Dynamics and Progression:

  • Season Experience Points (EXP): Players earn EXP by completing a variety of Season Missions, which are diverse in nature and theme.

  • Varied Missions: Missions range from intense Invasion Battles and strategic Farm Management to active Marketplace trading and adventurous Event and Adventure tasks.

Reward Systems and Passes:

  • Basic Pass for All Players: The Basic Pass, accessible to every player, unlocks a series of rewards aligned with your achievements throughout the season.

  • Bearslayer Pass for Enhanced Experience: For $9.99, players can opt for the Bearslayer Pass, which offers an extra reward path with superior rewards and a 20% boost in EXP gains.

Leaderboard Competitions:

  • Dual-Tiered Leaderboards: BLOCKLORDS features two leaderboards, Basic and Bearslayer, to accommodate different levels of player engagement.

  • Ranking and Showcase: Players climb these leaderboards based on the EXP they accumulate, showcasing their prowess and competitive spirit.

  • Season-End Rewards: As a season concludes, top players on the leaderboards receive exclusive rewards, including gold and legendary heroes, marking their triumph.

Conclusion: A Canvas for Achievements:

  • Each season in BLOCKLORDS is a new adventure and opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills, earn rewards, and leave their mark in a dynamic and competitive environment.

  • Whether engaging in battles, trades, or adventures, every action and strategy during the season contributes to a rewarding journey.

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