The Brewmaster Season

As youโ€™re weary from your exhausting travels, why not step into a rowdy tavern, enjoy some mead, and still your roaring gut with a juicy bit of roasted boar? But as the mead is flowing, the guests quickly get inebriated and soon the brawl is a fact with fists flying through the air and noses getting broken!

Welcome to the Tavern and the brand new Brewmaster Season!

The Brewmaster Season is packed with booty to elevate your BLOCKLORDS experience! Hereโ€™s what to expect:

Season Passes

The Brewmaster Season holds two types of Season Passes:

  • Basic Pass

    • A FREE treat for all players alike!

    • Climb the Basic Tier Leaderboard and receive rewards at the end of the Season!

    • Claim awards at the end of the Season after earning enough EXP!

  • Brewmaster Pass

    • Gain an additional awards path with even more valuable awards!

    • Gain an extra 20% EXP when completing Season Missions!

    • Participate in the Brewmaster Leaderboard and receive unique rewards at the end of the Season!

    • Claim chests and get a chance to win Heroes, Banners, and Resources!

(Battlepass owners do not compete on the Basic Tier Leaderboard but can claim rewards)

Season Missions

The Brewmaster Season isnโ€™t stingy when it comes to Missions, and weโ€™re introducing Five Season Missions plus Daily Missions, where Chests await, all teeming with coveted rewards!

Dynasty Missions

Dynasty Hero Missions

Engage in Duels and Missions with unwavering bravery, exporting and importing your stalwart Heroes and making sure they evolve, reaching epic proportions as they become myths!

Dynasty House Missions

Dynasty House Missions focuses on your House, where Banners, Traditions, and leveling up your House is the right path to success, ensuring your power never falters!


Farm Missions

To toil under the scorching sun may not seem as much, but it is honorable work!

Cultivate your Farm and reach new heights, ample Resources, and awards as you take on Farm Missions!

Region Missions

Prove your prowess in politics and trading as you frequent the Marketplace, trading gold and other Resources! You must also adjust taxes, protect the city coffer, and ace adventures!

Influence Missions

Influence is pivotal, and as you rise upwards the echelon, you must burn, acquire, and spend Influence to reach the top!

Daily Missions

This is the bread and butter of your BLOCKLORDS journey! Daily Missions are a much-needed staple and key to earning you your seat as ruler and keeping it!

New Hero

The Brewmaster Season comes with a brand new Hero: The Brewmaster.

The Brewmaster has a heart of gold and brawns to go with it. Everyone is welcome at his Tavern, but donโ€™t try crossing him, or he is sure to hurl you out into the dark, cold night.

The Tavern is about to swing its doors open, inviting you to an equally charming and rugged establishment where new allies might be found, as well as foes. So step inside where bounties await, down a stein or two, and frolic amid the merriment!

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