Collection Commands

In BLOCKLORDS, managing your farm involves a variety of 'Collect Resources' commands that are essential for gathering and producing the materials needed to sustain and grow your operations. Each squad has specific tasks they can perform:

  1. Gather Wood (Villager): This command allows villagers to collect wood from the Forest.

  2. Gather Stone (Villager): Villagers can also collect stone from the Stone Mine.

  3. Make Tool (Builder): Builders use the Forge to create Tools, crucial for various farm activities.

  4. Stone Mining (Miners): Miners specialize in extracting stone from the Stone Mine.

  5. Chop Wood (Lumberjack): Lumberjacks are tasked with chopping trees to gather wood from the Forest.

  6. Hunt (Hunter): Hunters are responsible for hunting game to provide Meat.

  7. Harvest Wheat (Farmer): Farmers harvest matured wheat, a key agricultural product.

  8. Make Bread (Cook): Cooks use milk and grain to bake Bread.

  9. Make Grain (Cook): Cooks also convert wheat into grain.

  10. Milk (Cowherd): Cowherds milk fully-grown cows for dairy production.

  11. Slaughter (Cowherd): This command allows cowherds to sacrifice a cow for meat.

  12. Patrol (Militia): The Militia patrols the farm, collecting resources like Stone, Wood, or Meat.

Each of these commands is vital in its own right, contributing to the overall resource pool of your farm in BLOCKLORDS. Effectively managing these tasks is key to ensuring a well-balanced and thriving farm.

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