Heroes are vital in BLOCKLORDS, pivotal for engaging in the game and enhancing your squad's command abilities. You can utilize them in various strategic roles, from training squads and leading them in the field to governing the city and declaring nationwide wars. Their versatility and leadership are key to advancing in the game.

Heroes come in different qualities, each with its perks.

  • Basic Heroes are easier to get, everyone who starts BLOCKLORDS a basic farmer for free.

    • Basic Heroes have no banner behind them or a basic banner

  • Legacy Heroes have more stat points and trait points, they start higher up the nobility ladder and will advance faster than basics.

    • Basic Heroes have a Silver Banner Behind them

  • Unique Heroes are the most powerful characters, they can claim regions and develop cities and are one step closer to Royalty.

    • Unique Heroes have a Gold banner behind them and are completely unique in appearence

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