Getting Involved in Building the BLOCKLORDS Universe

In BLOCKLORDS, players have the unique opportunity to actively participate in shaping the game's universe. This involvement comes through various interactive, governing and influential platforms within the eco-system.

Provenance: Exerting Influence for Game-Changing Decisions

  • Utilizing Influence: Provenance in BLOCKLORDS allows players to use their accumulated Influence to make significant decisions in the game.

  • Collaborative Decision-Making: Join forces with other dedicated players to steer the direction of the game, making choices that impact the gameplay experience for the entire community.

Treasury: Having a Say in Game Development

  • Voting Power: The Treasury feature in BLOCKLORDS enables players to vote and have a say in the game's development process.

  • Direct Impact on MetaKing Studios: Through voting in the Treasury, players can influence the decisions and future projects of MetaKing Studios, the developers of BLOCKLORDS, making their voices heard in the creative process.

Influence Shop: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

  • In-Game Purchases: The Influence Shop offers a variety of in-game items that players can purchase to enrich their gaming experience.

  • Customization and Enhancement: Whether it's unique items, resources, or special abilities, the Influence Shop provides options for players to tailor their gameplay according to their preferences and strategies.

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