Building Settings

In BLOCKLORDS, mastering your farm involves not just building and upgrading structures but also finely tuning them through customizable building settings. This feature is integral to strategic resource management and optimizing your farm's productivity. Hereโ€™s how it works:

Introduction to Building Settings:

  • Buildings in BLOCKLORDS, such as Wheat Fields, Cow Pens, and Windmills, are equipped with settings that players can customize. This functionality provides you with direct control over the outcomes of your resource production, adding a layer of strategy to your farming operations.

Customization for Optimal Output:

  • Tailoring to Farm Needs: You can adjust the output levels of each building to suit the specific needs and goals of your farm. This could mean focusing on particular types of resources or balancing different outputs to support your overall strategy.

  • Flexible Resource Investment: To fine-tune these settings, you can invest additional tools, food, and gold. This investment allows for precise control over each building's function and efficiency.

Benefits of Customizable Settings:

  • Turning Flexibility into an Asset: The ability to adjust building settings turns flexibility into one of your greatest assets. It allows for dynamic responses to changing circumstances and needs within the game.

  • Crucial for Farm Prosperity: Customizing building settings is not just an option; it's essential for steering your farm toward prosperity. By actively managing these settings, you can ensure your farm operates at peak efficiency and adaptability.

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