Basic Description: The marriage system in BLOCKLORDS is a significant strategic feature that allows players to form alliances, boost their House's Renown, and shape the future dynamics of their dynasty. Marriage is initiated once a house is formed, with players pairing unmarried heroes within their house with other unmarried heroes from their inventory.

Initiation Process:

  1. Choose an unmarried hero from the formed house.

  2. Select "Form Marriage."

  3. Pick any unmarried hero from the player inventory.

  4. Confirm to initiate the marriage ceremony.

Wedding Types:

  • Simple Wedding: A modest affair with minimal impact on Renown.

  • Common Wedding: A standard celebration, offering a balanced impact on Renown.

  • Lavish Wedding: An extravagant ceremony, providing a significant boost to Renown but at a higher cost.

  • Spectacular Wedding: The grandest of ceremonies, immensely boosting Renown but demanding substantial resources.


  • Alliances through Marriage: Tying the knot with a hero from another house establishes an alliance with that house. This alliance can significantly affect your house's Renown.

  • Renown Dynamics: Marrying into a house with greater Renown can immensely enhance your house's status. However, forming a union with a hero from a lower-tier house may have the opposite effect, reducing your Renown.

  • Happiness Clause: The compatibility between the paired heroes plays a crucial role in the marriage's happiness quotient. Factors like age, traits, house Renown, and in-game resources contribute to this compatibility. A harmonious match will result in a happier marriage, while disparities can lead to unhappiness.

Consequences of Marriage Happiness:

  • Happy Marriage: Leads to a stable alliance, potential for more offspring, and enhanced house dynamics.

  • Unhappy Marriage: Can result in complications like fewer children, extramarital affairs with other heroes, and even premature demise, impacting the house's future and Renown.

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