Fallen Heroes

As Heroes inevitably fall, you can send them to BLOCKLORDS and place them in the Mausoleum where they will generate Renown each day, determined by their type and quality. Use that Renown earned to enhance your House or purchase Dynasty Chests that are packed to the brim with valuable rewards, in that way, your Fallen Heroes are still vital as you fight for your House.

  • In Dynasty, Heroes can die if their HP reaches hero, after being sent to a Duel or Mission.

  • Fallen Heroes cannot be used anymore for Duels and Missions.

  • Fallen Heroes can be imported to BLOCKLORDS.

  • Heroes in BLOCKLORDS cannot die in battle. The minimum HP is 1.

  • Fallen heroes imported to BLOCKLORDS can only generate renown in the Mausoleum, and cannot be used In any other game mode.

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