Dynasty Chests

Bonus Rewards

Players can receive bonus rewards based on the cumulative number of Dynasty Chests purchased:

  • Cumulative Purchase of 10 Dynasty Chests:

    • Random 1 Special Duel Item

  • Cumulative Purchase of 50 Dynasty Chests:

    • Random 1 Rare Duel Item

  • Cumulative Purchase of 100 Dynasty Chests:

    • Random 1 Epic Duel Item

  • Cumulative Purchase of 250 Dynasty Chests:

    • Random 1 Legendary Duel Item

  • Cumulative Purchase of 500 Dynasty Chests:

    • Random 1 Legacy Hero (excluding Legacy Cowherd, Legacy Brewmaster, and Legacy Bisping Warrior)

Purchase and Opening Rules:


  • Buy 1 Dynasty Chest costs 10,000 Renown.

  • Buy 10 Dynasty Chests costs 80,000 Renown (20% Off)

Sale Period:

  • From v1.1 update complete to 2024/08/06 UTC 00:00

Sale Method:

  • Players can choose to purchase one or ten chests at once.

Purchase Limits:

  • Based on a player's House Level, chests are available at different daily limits.

  • Once the daily limit is reached, players won't be able to buy more on that day.

  • The daily purchase limit resets at 00:00 UTC.

Rewards Collection Process and Rules:

  • After opening a chest, regardless of whether the player bought one or ten, a rewards display page or popup will appear.

  • Players need to confirm to collect their rewards.

  • If the reward includes NFTs (such as Orbs), the player needs to complete a minting transaction.

  • The player must cover the gas fee for the reward collection transaction.

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