Understanding the Treasury in BLOCKLORDS: Navigating the Flow of Funds

The Treasury stands as a crucial component, managing the flow and allocation of funds generated through in-game purchases. This system is meticulously designed to support the game's ongoing development, marketing efforts, and community engagement, providing a transparent and strategic use of resources.

  1. Fiat Purchases and MetaKing Studios Allocation: When players opt to make purchases using fiat currency, these funds are channeled directly to MetaKing Studios, the creative force behind BLOCKLORDS. Here, MetaKing Studios applies a strategic allocation of these funds: a percentage of all fiat payments are dedicated to buying back $LRDS, reinforcing the game's economy and supporting the currency's value. The remaining % is earmarked for two critical areas — the development of new content to enhance the gaming experience and targeted brand marketing to expand the game's reach and player base.

  2. Purchases with $LRDS and Their Impact: Alternatively, when purchases are made using $LRDS, the game's native currency, a different allocation strategy is employed. These payments are directed to the BLOCKLORDS Foundation Treasury. From here, part of the payment is allocated to MetaKing Studios, contributing to the studio's operational and developmental needs. The remaining funds are then divided between Community Marketing initiatives and Ecosystem Investments and Grants. This approach ensures that a significant portion of the funds is reinvested in the game's community and ecosystem, supporting marketing efforts that engage and expand the player base, and providing investments and grants that foster innovation and growth within the BLOCKLORDS universe.

This dual-route treasury system in BLOCKLORDS reflects a balanced approach to resource allocation, ensuring that funds are utilized effectively to support the game's ongoing development, market presence, and community engagement. It underscores a commitment to reinvesting in the game's ecosystem, supporting the players, and continually enhancing the BLOCKLORDS experience

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