Creating $ALE

  1. The Brewery: Central to $ALE Production

    • Unique Establishment: The Brewery is a specialized facility where players convert harvested Grain into $ALE.

    • Intricate Fermentation Process: This transformation involves a complex fermentation process, going beyond mere resource collection to encompass a nuanced and detailed method.

  2. Role of The Brewer

    • Hero Involvement: To oversee the Brewery, players must assign a Hero, ideally one with expertise in brewing.

    • Expertise and Skill: The Brewer Hero brings their specific skills and knowledge to the process, enhancing the efficiency and outcome of the fermentation process.

  3. Process of Transforming Grain to $ALE

    • Patience and Precision: Converting Grain into $ALE is a journey that requires both patience and precision from the player.

    • Time Investment: This process demands a significant investment of time, reflecting the realistic aspects of brewing and fermentation.

    • Strategic Element: The deliberate nature of this process ensures that the production of $ALE is not only a key economic activity but also a strategic element within the BLOCKLORDS universe.

  4. Economic Depth and Realism

    • Meaningful Production: The creation of $ALE is designed to be a meaningful part of the game’s economy, requiring thoughtful planning and resource management.

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